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Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the lifeline to your little one. Maintaining a regular food rhythm that helps ensure baby's health and a steady supply of healthy milk is important for the mother.  Ancient Ayurveda has noted that the following 8 foods should be avoided by the breastfeeding mother.

  1.  Tea and Coffee -  Caffeine content from tea or coffee affects the breast milk and gets passed on to the baby, making the baby irritable and have long disturbed sleeps
  2.  Fish  - Typically high mercury fish should be avoided, but on the safer side it is best to refrain from fish in general while breastfeeding given that certain neurotoxins affect the baby's brain.  If you must have fish, limit it to salmon or light tuna.
  3. Alcohol -  This is a no-no. It hinders the child's growth as it passes on through breast milk and also disturbs the baby's sleep pattern the primary growth time for the baby
  4. Gassy foods - Avoid foods that cause you gas such as citrus fruits. These gas inducing foods can cause re-fluxes of the gastro-intestines in the baby making it irritable.
  5. Spicy Cuisine - Spice affects the breast milk and will cause severe fussiness in the infant and cry uncontrollably. Avoid eating extra spice and look for flavor without feeling the spice heat

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