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Pregnancy - A time for change


Pregnancy is a time of change in a women’s body as our hormones go on a roller coaster ride causing many kinds of symptoms. These hormonal as well as physical changes cause morning sickness, nausea, food cravings/aversions, backaches and cankles. Believe it or not, though, there are some symptoms that you will actually like
1. Thicker, shiny hair Those hormones responsible for a million horrible symptoms could also make your hair thicker and shinier, and some moms-to-be swear theirs grows faster than it used to.
2. Nail Growth Increases in blood pressure and hormone levels may ramp up fingernail growth, finally giving you the French-manicure-worthy nails you’ve always dreamed of. Prenatal vitamins may also help encourage faster growth.
3. Bigger Breasts Even before you took a pregnancy test, your breasts probably started changing (and getting really sore!) to prep for feeding baby. As your milk ducts grow and fill with milk, your breasts will get noticeably bigger.
4. Glowing Skin For some moms-to-be, an increased blood volume translates into a fresh pink glow that lets you leave the blush brush shut tight in your makeup case. Even though you do hear about pregnancy acne, those hormone shifts could just clear up your skin.
5. More Complex Brain You’ve probably experienced a bit of “baby brain”, that absentmindedness that many moms-to-be say they get. It’s true your brain is changing but not for the worse. It’s actually making you more sensitive to baby’s needs after she is born.
6. No Periods! A favorite perk is no periods!
7. Better Sex Pregnancy makes some moms-to-be more sensitive – the best case scenario?
8. Baby Kicks Every time your baby moves, your body responds by boosting your heart rate, and that helps you and baby bond.
We hope that your pregnancy, no matter what stage you are in is going smoothly and you are enjoying this wonderful time in your lives!

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