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What to Wear As a Working Nursing Mom

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It doesn’t matter if it’s your first child or your fourth. Nursing is always difficult, no matter how many times you have already done it. Adding the ceremonious stress of looking appropriate for work is sure to make anyone rumble in their breast pumps but BellyMoms has got your back. We are not only going to tell you how to find the perfect nursing dress for work but to do it all fashionably!

1. Look Underneath 


The start of any of your outfits, either it is for work or just lounging around needs to begin with the right nursing bra. A basic staple like this simple t-shirt nursing bra will not only make it easier for you to head out the door during those hectic mornings but gives you ease of options no matter what your outfit is. Nursing Bras are important, but that doesn’t mean you always have to pick the same nude shade every time. Add some sass into your outfit, just for you and try this bold purple Bra and match it to your nursing dress.


    2. Layering

      One way to get an express pass to looking fashionable while nursing at work is to layer your pieces together. A good quality tank top like our short sleeve nursing top is not only great for every environment but hugs your body in all the right places. This piece is perfect for nursing at the office and is a nice alternative to wearing a nursing dress every day. You should not only have a set of basic nursing dresses and nursing bra’s but don’t forget to add personality to your outfit, opt for a dramatic cut like this poncho that you can get in a myriad of different colors. 

       3. Go Bold

      Stop sticking to the traditional and quite frankly overused black dresses and vamp up your nursing dress to accentuate your gorgeous post-baby body in patterns. Of course, you need to make sure that you always pick office appropriate prints. This gorgeous slightly above the knee nursing dress is perfect for all seasons. If your work environment is conservative, throw on some warm tights or stockings over your nursing dress to complete the look. Another great option for all you working moms out there is our surplice nursing dress. The soft fabric will keep you comfortable during the long hours of work and the easy cut will make it easier for you to nurse your child, in an instant. Saving you both time and a lot of hassle.

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