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BellyMoms NursingWear is bringing sexy back!

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Check out this beautiful blog article from Expecting Happiness and first hand comments on how BellyMoms Maternity and Nursingwear is bringing the sexy aspect in every nursing top, nursing dress, nursing tank, and maternity clothes for the fashionista new mom.


Check out this HOT summer maxi dress! 

and trendy
Aztec fabric 
so light and airy! 
Would you believe that this is a NURSING dress??

YES- You can go from a dinner date or outdoor wedding 
to nursing your baby discreetly in an instant!
This breastfeeding dress is available in either Blue (shown) or Brown. 
It comes in sizes S, M, L and XL. I am shown in this post wearing a size Medium. 
My current measurements are: 36C, 5'3", 135lbs. 
for making clothes that make mom feel attractive!

BellyMoms Maternity and NursingWear brings chic maternity and nursingwear for pregnant mothers. They offer a stylish range of maternity tops, maternity dresses, nursing tops, nursing dresses, nursing pyjamas, belly belts and breastfeeding bras. All of their nursing wear features carefully designed openings for private breastfeeding. Their tops are dual use and can be used as a maternity top and later as a nursing top throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond. Exude your radiance during this wonderful phase of child rearing.
Extra Bonus: This dress also seems to be resistant to those pesky wrinkles that mom often battle.
Shop their entire collection of 
nursing dresses and nursing tops here:
Several of their fashionable breastfeeding tops and dresses 
are also available through the Amazon storefront:

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