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Moda Angelo Blog — pregnancy journey

Eating for Two: A Maternity Eating Plan

maternity pregnancy pregnancy journey

As soon as we see that first positive pregnancy test, our first thought goes to - What should I eat to keep my baby healthy?  All of our diet plans are thrown out the window to make sure that we have a healthy balanced diet.  While eating for two does mean a few extra calories daily, about 300 during the second trimester and 450 during the third trimester, it does not mean you should add an extra large bag of potato chips! So what should you be eating?  Here are some recommendations on what to include in your maternity eating...

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What Do We Have to Do to Get Paid Family Leave

pregnancy journey working moms

Things need to change in our country especially for the woman that plans to work and have a professional career and also raise a family. The USA is the only developed nation in the world that doesn’t offer paid family leave. A few companies like Microsoft have taken steps to provide benefits to both mom and dad. What do we have to do to get it passed and join the movement? Watch this video to get a better understanding of the issue  BellyMoms Maternity and NursingWear is a proud supporter of the Paid Family Leave Movement.

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You are covered - Documentary of journey from Bump to Buzz

pregnancy pregnancy journey

What a beautiful time journey of being pregnant to finally holding your little one. I discovered this on YouTube and thought it would be good to share with my readers. This is a really cool idea for an expecting couple to document one of life's changes into parenthood - a gift and blessing to be cherished for ever.BellyMoms Maternity has you covered right from dressing you up with our designer maternity clothes to your trip to the hospital with our must have labor hospital gowns and then nurturing your little one with our nursing tops, nursing dresses and nursing sleepwear. ...

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