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How to Stay Cool While Breastfeeding in Summer

    As we get into the summer and the temperature rises, I am reminded of my days of nursing my little one.  Since she was born at the very beginning of summer, I really had to figure out quickly how to make sure my baby was getting enough milk without getting hot and frustrated!  There were many sessions of cranky baby and a hot and sticky mommy.   I figured it out eventually and realized that the summer heat does not have to sabotage your strong nursing relationship with baby.  Here are some tips to stay cool while breastfeeding this...

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Breastfeeding helps reduce the risk of maternal type 2 diabetes.

  Like many women, I too was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my pregnancies. This was not unfamiliar to me as it ran in my family, but to many it can come as a total and shocking surprise. About 5-9% of pregnant women nationwide develop high blood sugar levels even though they didn’t have diabetes before pregnancy. This condition, drastically raises a woman’s risk for type 2 diabetes later in life. If left untreated, blood sugar levels can soar and cause a host of health problems, including heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, and amputation. A recent National Institute of Health (NIH)...

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Staying healthy during pregnancy this Autumn

autumn fall healthy pregnancy

            As flu season approaches in November, it’s not a bad idea to get the flu shot a bit early. Typically, many clinics and pharmacies will offer the flu shot as early as October. If you are pregnant, doctors recommend getting the flu shot. It is also recommended for children under the age of 5. There are many types of flu strains, and it is a highly contagious illness, so it’s always a good idea to protect yourself against it. To avoid influenza, always practice good hygiene habits such as regular hand washing, keeping your...

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Eating for Two: A Maternity Eating Plan

maternity pregnancy pregnancy journey

As soon as we see that first positive pregnancy test, our first thought goes to - What should I eat to keep my baby healthy?  All of our diet plans are thrown out the window to make sure that we have a healthy balanced diet.  While eating for two does mean a few extra calories daily, about 300 during the second trimester and 450 during the third trimester, it does not mean you should add an extra large bag of potato chips! So what should you be eating?  Here are some recommendations on what to include in your maternity eating...

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BellyMoms Maternity at the ABC Show Fashion Runway in Las Vegas

Our award winning Margo maternity dress that also functions as a nursing dress shown at the ABC Maternity Square Runway at the ABC Show in Las Vegas Nevada. BellyMoms Maternity and NursingWear

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