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Top 10 Summer Nursing Essentials

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BellyMoms Maternity and Nursingwear Top 10 Summer Nursing Essentials We are finally getting into the midst of summer!  Hurrah, who doesn’t love summer?!  It’s the best time to enjoy the outdoors with your little ones and to wear those flirty dresses, fun sleeveless tops and tanks.  But dressing in a way that is both fashionable, cool and comfortable as well as easy to nurse in can be challenging.  So to help you with this dilemma, we here at BellyMoms would like to share our top 10 Summer Nursing Essentials. Nursing Shelf Tanks – These are the perfect nursing mom’s summer...

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10 Breastfeeding Tricks for Moms Who Nurse

Nursing your baby is one of the most amazing mom-baby experiences.  However, this doesn't mean it's wonderful all of the time. To ensure that your nursing sessions are as good as they can possibly be, we've rounded up a few tips and tricks to help you and your little one be as happy and comfortable as can be during this precious time together. If you breastfeed, take a look at these 10 helpful breastfeeding hacks. Wear a "nursing ring," or bracelet which can be switched from hand to hand to remind yourself which side your nursed on last.  You can...

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Engorgement pain while Breastfeeding

breastfeeding nursing bra

New mothers will often experience breast engorgement in the first few days and weeks after birth. Hormonal changes kick in and influence breast milk production right around the time of the baby's birth.  Its natures answer to providing the food supply for the new arrival. Engorgement is the result of more milk production than the needs of the baby at any given point of time. When the breast milk supply is greater than breast milk demand, the breasts may become swollen and feel very “full” or “heavy”… they may go up a cup size or more overnight…feel hard and swollen … they...

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Labor Gowns for your trip to the hospital - Things to know

Nice review by Brittany from Bottles and Banter. Sharing with our audience deciding on giving this beautiful delivery as a baby shower gift or simply buying it for themselves for their day at the hospital.    

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Good Citizen Initiative enables Breastfeeding Welcome Here in Georgia

Thank you Sophie Mumper for this initiative. Breastfeeding is a right of every new born child and the right of every new mom to feed their infant with confidence any time and at any place.  Appreciate your drive and resolve it making this small but important initiative happen and bring about the change in mindset so needed across institutions and establishment across America.  Decatur High Senior urges restaurants to welcome breastfeeding Some local restaurants are displaying a decal letting moms know that breastfeeding is welcomed in their establishments. The campaign was spearheaded by Decatur High student Sophie Mumper as part of...

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