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Acapulco Maternity Necklace

Acapulco Maternity Necklace

$ 79.00

This maternity necklace emits a soft, soothing chime and is the perfect gift for any mother-to-be. Its metallic cord, which is delicately finished with soft, shimmering tassels at each end, subtly complements the yellow gold-plated, rose gold-plated or silver plated pendant.
Roll it gently over your bump every day to create an auditory imprint of love and comfort for you and your baby.
After the birth, your baby will be calmed by the sweet familiar melody heard regularly during pregnancy. You can continue to wear the necklace while you nurse or bottle-feed your baby or at bedtime.

Composition : pendant in rose gold plated brass, cord in Lurex and tassels in silk
Measurements : pendant diameter: 20mm, cord length: 1300 mm