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Harmony Chime Pregnancy Necklace

Harmony Chime Pregnancy Necklace

$ 149.00

An unborn baby begins to hear at about 16-18 weeks. This is the perfect time to start wearing a Pregnancy Necklace, as the baby will hear its very soft chime sound every time mum moves.
After birth, the familiar soothing sound will reassure and calm the newborn baby, as a reminder of the warmth and comfort of the womb.
The most unique and special gift for a mum-to-be


This Pregnancy Necklace is a modern interpretation of an ancestral Mayan tradition.
A gentle shake releases a soft jingling sound believed to call the wearer's Guardian Angel for help and protection.
It was traditionally worn by the Mayan mothers: during pregnancy, as a protective amulet for the expectant mother and her baby; and after birth, as the gentle chime sound of the necklace would soothe the baby by reminding it the invisible presence of its mother.


This precious necklace is in 18 carat gold or silver plated brass.
ILADO Paris chime pendants are unique pieces, handmade by a craftsman in Taxco, Mexico, in the greatest respect for tradition. They are then gilded with fine gold or silver and suspended at the end of precious necklaces by a French manufacturer.